Friday, January 18, 2013

Freeze Frame

So many times I have my camera at events just snapping away. You've heard the saying "take 100 pictures to get just one good one." Then days later when all is loaded on the computer, the cleaning process takes place. I scroll through quickly and delete any obvious crazy mishaps. Next step, is to pull the rest up on a slide show to see which ones need some editing. It is during this step, I find what was just an ordinary Parent's Night at Emma's dance, now has become much more.

I roll through these pictures and the biggest gush of calmness overtakes the room.
Such poise.
Such quietness.
Such a beautiful ballerina.
I love to freeze these frames and soak all the poetry in.

But the slide show button is clicked and the preview continues....
Um ya, that would be Hope sticking her fingers in the icing and licking them off after she was told not to the first time she did it.  Freeze Hope, caught ya.

Love those girls to the moon and back.  Anyone know how to freeze time and not just a frame?  -sigh-

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