Friday, January 25, 2013

Fast forward 93 years...

That's right, here we are with Emma 93 years into the future...isn't she the most darn cute 100 year old lady you have ever seen?  I sure hope my skin stays as "non-wrinkly" as hers!

Happy 100th day of school!
First graders at Union Elementary were asked to come to school today dressed as 100 year old, so Emma followed suit and dressed the part.  Excited with her granny stockings, slippers and cane, the salute to oldness began.

"Mom, can you put my hair in one of those buns and put powder all over it?"  And so we did.  Can't wait to wash out a mix of hairspray and baby powder tonight!  (And isn't it ironic that to get the part of a 100 year old lady, I had to use baby powder?)  Topping off the sweater, old glasses, and large purse was a hat, from who knows when, that was found in the costume box.  Perhaps a collected item back from the teaching days...we in the art room had lots of weird still-life items.

Off she went.  Walking hunched over and ignoring every word I said because according to her, her hearing aid wasn't working right.  What a hoot.  What a HOOT! 

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