Thursday, December 6, 2012

I believe in....being a kid.

A few nights ago, Emma wanted me to say the good night prayer as she was getting tucked in. 
During the pray, I prayed for our neighbor Julie that is quickly losing her battle with cancer, asking for comfort as she is waiting to go to Heaven where she won't hurt anymore.

After the prayer Emma started asking some questions...
E - Mom, I thought Julie was moving in with her sister, not moving to Heaven.
J - well, she is.  She is spending time with her sister then going to Heaven.
E - how does she know she is going to Heaven?
J - Well, because she loves Jesus, believes in Jesus, and ask Him into her heart.  She was baptized like Micah showing her promise to love and believe in Jesus.  And she led an awesome Christian life.
E - Mom, what's a Christian?
J - Someone that believes in Jesus.  Are you a Christian?
E - Oh yes.
J - me too.
E - and you know who else I believe in?
J - who?
E - SANTA!!!!!!

Kids.  I love the passion and honesty that kids can reveal.
I love our neighbor Julie.  So glad she has entered our lives.
And I love Jesus.  Pretty sure he has a terrific sense of humor.

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