Friday, November 2, 2012

tRicK - oR - tReaT

It was a cold evening, but that never spoils the fun. We had a witch and a cow cruising the territory this year. Emma and I had much fun making her witchy skirt and broom, while Hope stayed cozy in the hand-me-down cow outfit that her big sister wore five years ago. Priceless these two.

Some people like to spoil my kids as if they are of the highest royalty.  Not mentioning any names, but they do seem to be pretty cool neighbors despite their opinions of IU. ;)

These batch of cousins made for a fun stop.  And a warm one too since we hung inside the whole time!

Neighbors!  I won't tell you which witch is the wicked witch of the west and which witch lives in the east.  (say that five times fast!)
Chiseling off the green face.  Perhaps next time, poster paint isn't exactly the best option.  Nah, she loved it.

Thanks to all our neighbors, family, and treat-ers!!!  It was a fun and frightful evening!

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