Tuesday, November 27, 2012

No surprise.

As soon as Hope hears her daddy's truck pull into the drive (and yes hear since we have no windows facing that direction), she begins running to the back door, hollering "CAKE CAKE!!"

Daddy doesn't bring home cake.  He brings home his I-Pad.  On his work I-Pad, is an app for Easy Bake Oven where you design, cook, and even eat your own cake.
Hope. is. addicted.

Barely two years old and has mastered the skills to navigate her way around the I-Pad, switching from game to game.  Usually with pants off, (because she usually has pants off 24/7), and one sock optional.  Santa, Mickey Mouse, and Elmo could parade in front of her and she would be none the wiser.  Cake is serious stuff, man.

So was it no surprise that yesterday at Kohl's, she very loudly yells "MOMMY, LOOK DADDY'S I-PAD!!!" as we pass a t-shirt with Angry Birds on it?  Nope.  No surprise at all.  They only surprise is that she called it Daddy's I-Pad for the first time instead of cake!

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