Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Beast Feast!

 Yesterday was the annual 1st Grade Beast Feast at Emma's school.  What a sight to be at!  They have been studying mammals along with native Indiana animals for the past two weeks.  Teachers asked that on Tuesday the kiddos dress up as an Indiana native animal for a parade around the school ending with a feast....(trail mix and fruit that was referred to as "animal nibbles").  I couldn't resist volunteering for this event and witness the student's excitement and creativity.
 Mrs. Fremion leads the parade as Indiana native, Mouse.

 I adore these elementary teachers!  Check out Mrs. Boggs....what a hoot! ;)  And how darling to see the third and fourth graders respect and honor these beast as they passed the hallways. 
 Her come some rabbits!.....are they multiplying between hallways?!?! 

 Time for a feast!

 Emma's first grade class.....a-dor-able.  So sweet, I just wanna spread 'em on a cracker.
Thank you Union Elementary for another day of making learning fun and eventful!  What a great celebration of our Indiana animals!

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