Wednesday, October 31, 2012

From sand to leaves.

I vacuum.
This summer, Hope received a sandbox for her birthday from her grandma. Wonderful gift. Hours of entertainment. She plays on the back porch while I can work outside or even monitor from inside through the kitchen window. One small glitch was the amount of sand that came in through the house. Strung from the kitchen to the mudroom. I had even found an obvious-identifiable-sandy hand print on the kitchen cabinets and another day a blanket of sand on the bathroom floor. Small price to pay for happy kids.

But as the weather turn cooler, the sand box's cover hasn't come off too often. One would think this would give my vacuum a break, right? Nope.
We have leaves now. And not only am I sweeping them up daily, I am finding them in the oddest places!
 I clearly can't imagine why.....

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