Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A sweater story and puppy pictures.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love my girls?

A funny from Emma as she was waiting in the drive this morning for the bus.  Wearing a light blue zip up sweater to harbor the chilly air, I hear her tell her dad,  "This sweater is awesome.  It's cool looking, a name brand, one of my favorite colors, has a zipper and a hood, and the best part is that mom got it at a rummage sale so it was like HALF OFF!  I just love it!"     ....and I just love her, full-price-love-her, that is.

Just a few day's ago, Hope was once again caught sneaking outside.  I found her in the front, intensely feeding our puppy flower pot some sticks.  She is beginning to create her own make-believe of my favorite things to watch in little children.  Amazing that I only captured four pictures of this fun moment, because there is wonder as too why it wasn't 400 pictures instead.  Beautiful.

Emma Lillie and Hope Kaylynn...two of the greatest treasures on Earth.  I am so deeply blessed God honored me to spend life with them. 

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