Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Emma speaks.

"Mom, last night in my bedtime prayer, I asked God what he was going to be for Halloween.  I guess he'll probably just be God, huh?  .....or maybe a ghost, since he is up in the clouds and stuff and we can't really see him."

No doubt in my mind, God has a sense of humor.  And who knows, maybe he does dress up...can't wait to find out someday.

From sand to leaves.

I vacuum.
This summer, Hope received a sandbox for her birthday from her grandma. Wonderful gift. Hours of entertainment. She plays on the back porch while I can work outside or even monitor from inside through the kitchen window. One small glitch was the amount of sand that came in through the house. Strung from the kitchen to the mudroom. I had even found an obvious-identifiable-sandy hand print on the kitchen cabinets and another day a blanket of sand on the bathroom floor. Small price to pay for happy kids.

But as the weather turn cooler, the sand box's cover hasn't come off too often. One would think this would give my vacuum a break, right? Nope.
We have leaves now. And not only am I sweeping them up daily, I am finding them in the oddest places!
 I clearly can't imagine why.....

Sunday, October 28, 2012

It's that time again!

I'll let you guess who carved the pumpkin on the far left.  The middle pumpkin was designed and carved by wraps around the whole pumpkin, detailed with a bow on the side, love it.  The last pumpkin was a combined effort from mom and Hope favoring a little m-i-c-k-e-y, m-o-u-s-e.  We lit them first inside then moved them to the magical outdoors, where it gets sooooo exciting!
 ....uh, turn off the flash mom.....

Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Sap is back.

Yes, it's true...another sappy moment brought you by mom.
Remember a few weeks ago about me purging through Emma's school papers?  This past week, in an effort to find a bit more storage at our seam-busting oasis, I had a good size basket that I knew needed some TLC and cleaning.  Serious sorting and cleaning.  I had been putting this one off for a good three years.

This basket contained all the crafts, pictures, drawings, stories, and creations that my precious Emma made from age three up to age five.  Anything that had her fingerprints on it, I saved.  Holy moly, she makes A LOT of things.  Lord knows we just can't keep them all, right?  Be strong momma, be strong.  A good dump of the basket and my kitchen table looked like this.....
I started sorting.  Keeping the special ones, personal ones, or just too gosh darn cute ones.  Unfortunately this little lady below didn't make the cut.  Even though I put her in a remarkable rainbow and heart frame, she still did not seem happy about her new home in the recycle bin.  Got to admit, I was feeling the same.
But just look at how happy the princesses are in the drawing just to the lower right of sad girl.  They seem pretty excited and cheering for joy.  Ya, I'm weird.
Oh Emma, I just loved the "tape phase".  When Emma was four we literally asked for people to give her scotch tape for her birthday and Christmas because she went through a roll every week.  But who could blame her?  Taping on rubber bands to a drawing of her and her daddy in a boat works way better as clouds, rather than just drawing them on!  And without tape, how would we have all the fun creations below?!  Cuddly the Kangaroo and his cheetah friend, the fish, the princess and many more?!  Love them all.
This picture below is another heart-melter.  We had just babysat my niece, Allie for a couple days.  Allie was just shy of one and was eating from her high chair.  Thanks to Artist Emma (4), I can remember it like sitting there feeding Allie as she wore her bib with a fish on it, while Emma stood close by watching.
And then we hit the story telling stage.  This gets really fun, especially when Hope was born as she was Emma's main character several times.

Love.  Love.  Love. the moon and back.

So I started a binder years ago.  This was outside of the big basket of treasures.  My intentions when I started the binder would be to just keep the remarkably special pieces and note the date/event on them. 
Obviously, my intentions didn't plan for a crazy artist daughter that captures every second of life in detailed visual manner.  (or a daughter that will take a piece of lent and turn it into a masterpiece)  So I had to pick and choose, debate and decide.  Photographing the big pile and posting on this blog gives me some peace of mind that I still have all those perfect masterpieces still chiseled in my visual heart.  And as for the binder....
....I had to get a bigger one.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fall break excitement...

Fall break this year took us a whole 12 miles across the county line into the arts district of Carmel. Emma couldn't behave herself around some of the local folks as we found her stealing food from an elderly lady, snitching on some guys newspaper, trying to knock over a girl learning to ride her bike, and worst of all trying to steal a policeman's keys! She's out of control, I tell ya.

OK, stop growing up you two gorgeous girls.....

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Cousins, Uncles, and Aunts, with a Grandma and Papaw, too.

No set of miles will keep these kids (and big ones too!) from making memories together. It's as if everyone started up right where they left off from seeing each other last. Blessed to have these kiddos grow up together...and kinda "beautiful" too. ;)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

One bouncy blond curl can complete my day.

 See that perfectly spiraled lock of blond hair in the above picture?  Today, I was the lucky sole that got to follow it around the gorgeous outside and watch it bounce, blow, and if you ask me I even think it giggled.  I love that curl....'nough said.

"oh, and one more thing God, please help me not get into mischief today.  Love, Hope."