Friday, September 21, 2012

Newest Member of the Family

 Meet "Caroline".  Caroline is Emma's newest American Girl Doll, that is.  Last year at Christmas, Emma couldn't resist wishing for one as the catalogs kept appearing in our mailbox (how do they do that?!)  Santa and his elve's budget didn't fit this wish, and instead showered Emma with a more reasonable gift.  However, Mom and Dad told their daughter "if you can save $100 by your birthday, we will take you to Chicago so you can buy one for yourself."  Deal.

Feeding the dog, folding towels, dusting, emptying the dishwasher, and reading books all earned her stickers on the chore chart.  Once the stickers overflowed the chart, payday came....25 cents per sticker.  Go ahead and do the math....that's 400 stickers to get to $100!  With a little help from the coins she found on sidewalks or under Dad's recliner, she did it.  Off we went, for a get-away-trip to Chicago.  Someone was proud as punch.

 How about this guy?  Giving up IU football tickets on Saturday and his Colts football tickets on Sunday all so he could spend the weekend with his girls shopping for dolls and living in a very pink world.  Super dad.

 ...ok, so this store was amazing...and yes, I took a picture of the bathrooms.  Too gosh darn cute.

 Just look at the girl.  So excited and loving the big city of Chicago along with her new best friend.  What a trip to remember. 
Could I be more proud of this seven year old for her goal setting determination and hard work?  No way.  Not one more ounce.  For there was a key component to her saving $100.  Every payday, every money earned or found, there are rules.  This is her bank... 
First we must put some money in the Church for Jesus and his kingdom, then we must put some money in the Bank for saving towards college, then what is left goes in the store.
Seven years old, and habits she will forever carry with her.  so so so SO proud of her and her accomplishment.

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