Sunday, September 9, 2012

One rad looking family.

From the Color Run 5K to now the Color Me Rad 5K, Emma just can't get enough. This time she made sure it was a family affair and brought along her dad and little sister too! Here's how it all went down...

Two sisters in their very nice and white very clean clothes.  Emma excited that she now knows the word "rad", and Hope was pumped for her first 5K.

Starting line!  Gotta love the #1, because well....we are.  In my book, at least.

First color bomb station was purple.  You can imagine my daughter's excitement!  ...and Adam's too.

Hope decided she wanted to give it a try.  What better place than the pink station, and how cute is that big sister in her shades?!  (Can you imagine Adam's excitement to be splattered in not just purple color, but now pink.  If anyone ever asks if God has a sense of humor, I surely do think so now!)  As for Hope - she loved it and was ready for more!

Finish line madness....not only a blue explosion, but each individual racer got their own packet of color dust to throw.

Is that my daughter rolling around on the ground?!  Yep.  And just as they say, "monkey see, monkey do"....down went Hope to roll, too....

The last family photo hanging in our house is from over two years ago.  In fact, it is the photo you see near the top of the blog on the right side of the screen by Our Family.  (How ironic we are all in white clean shirts.)  While Hank can been seen in that family photo opt, Hope was hiding inside my belly.  Ever since she was born, I have been longing for an updated family photo that includes her beautiful face.  Someone hand me a frame because Saturday my wish was granted...
Phipps Family 2012

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