Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Better late than never.

If you check out this blog when it was first created, you will find an entry pretty close to every-other-day. Holidays, events, day to day antics, and the blessings in our life.  However, the past four months have passed in a blink. So tonight I shuffle through some pictures of summer and find a group that was never accounted for in my scrapbook of life. July 4th, 2012!

The Phipps' family never takes vacations.  Never.  So we do the "three day weekend deal" or "lets crash at a family member's house" trips, but never a vacation.  When the drought caused a local ban on fireworks this year we decided to mini-vacation it to a beach.  Now keep in mind that word vacation will be used very lightly.  We traveled two hours north to Indiana Dunes and spent two nights in a hotel.  The hotel was a 10 minute drive from the sand, so picture mom loading up bags for the beach spewing with snacks, towels, toys, and summer necessities.  Then after spending a day on the beach, a tired mom taking two girls into a public bathroom to "hose off" and try to keep as much sand out of the car as possible...repeat for day two.  Vacation?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  But the girls loved every second of it, and I wasn't at home unloading and loading a dishwasher.  Not a bad deal.

Bonus - fireworks on the beach.  Outstanding.  Fourth of July - one of my favorite holidays since having kids.  Love watching their faces.  Makes it all worth it.

...and there you have it.  July blogged in September.  Not bad...at least it's still the same year. ;)

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