Friday, August 31, 2012

Hope-full Moments.

She does make a lot of moments for us.
...drinking from the dog dish, escaping the child safety bolts, wearing her sister's shoes, eating tree bark, flipping out of shopping carts before she could walk, flipping over her crib rails before she could walk, leaping of the couch and climbing tables - you guessed it - before she could walk, making Barbie dolls kiss Hank, taking her clothes off, falling down the stairway....and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Two nights ago, we got to spend our third night (in the past year) waking her up every two hours to do the "concussion check". This time it didn't matter how many times her daddy yelled stopped, she didn't listen. And he didn't get there fast enough to catch her before her head hit the concrete.

My darling Hope.  We didn't know what living was until you came to show us. Sometimes we just sit and wonder how your curiosity gets along so well with your determination. You are one of a kind.

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