Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fancy Nancy Day #2

To follow up on that last post, here was a day spent this summer with my first born princess.  We like to call it "A Fancy Nancy Day"...because it is just that.

Three years ago, when we lived in Ohio, Emma and I took several fun trips to the quaint small public library in Powell.  Emma found a series of children's book by author Jane O'Conner that featured a Miss Fancy Nancy.  Very cute books.  Emma became a collector in no time, and so began our Fancy Nancy journey.

Once Emma began to imagine and pretend just as the character in the books, I took my (then 4 year old) daughter on her first Fancy Nancy day out.  This is a day that she was allowed to wear whatever she wanted (ya know, all the dress up items I wouldn't let her even peep out on the front porch in!), use our fancy words, and just be about as girly as girls can get.  Keep in mind this is a whole new world for me!  But is was a world my sweet Emma adored....and her imagination is way to fun to watch.  So on that first Fancy Nancy day, we visited a cute little cupcake shop, had a tea party for all her baby dolls and even dressed Hank up in a boa.

Now it is three years later.  Emma is almost 7.  Completing a summer reading program, she earned a free easy ready book.  Her pick - Fancy Nancy's Fancy day in Room 1-A.  And what did I hear from the back seat on the way home, "Mom, can we have another Fancy Nancy day soon?!"

Deep breath...."sure."

And so we did.
Ruby Pear Tea Parlor on the Noblesville town square...cutest tea room ever, and sweetest staff as well.  Perfect for our day out as mother and daughter.  Not a fancy person myself, but every second of this day tickled me pink and I wouldn't trade it for the world. 

We had the most scrumptious lunch served with tea (and hot chocolate for the non tea drinker), a stroll through the gift shop (who couldn't pass up a buy for bubble bath on a day like this), and a delightful time of all sorts of fanciness with each other.
And when you ask her what her favorite part wasn't the fancy boa, the fancy dress, the fancy tea lunch, or fancy bubble bath...
...she claims it was simply the little jar that the marshmallows used for the hot chocolate came in.
Yep, that's my girl.  Couldn't love her anymore!

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