Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ever get a little teary at the recycle bin?

Heading into week number two of school. All is going great and first grade proves to trump previous years. Art, music, science, and of course don't forget lunch!

So how is mom these days, you ask? Does anyone care how I like first grade? Well, to tell you the truth, I think it's pretty cool, too. I adore the few minutes when Emma gets off the bus and Hope is still napping.  She bee-bops into the house and immediately starts in talking about her day.  Love it.
Oh wait, what was that....did anyone catch in there where I said "Hope is still napping?"  Yes, here is the coolest part of first grade.  I now have a child that does not have to be picked up by the mom taxi in the middle of the day and another child that takes a solid two hour nap.  If that ain't beautiful, I don't know what is!

So on that two hour gap, I have been tyring to get organized.  First on the agenda is to do something with the school work that is already coming home.  I see that the three totes under my bed are already busting at the seams from EVERY piece of paper Emma's fingerprints existed on from Pre-K and Kindergarten.  Did I really save everything? 
Yes.  Oh yes.  I did.

After some serious detoxing, and over an hour later, I somehow managed to pick "my favorite" things from the past two years.  One tote for Pre-K and one for Kindergarten.  I never thought of myself as a pack rat, but getting rid of school work that Emma worked so hard on was extremely difficult for me!  Perhaps after 12 more totes it will be easy-peasy, who knows.  For now, it was as if I was throwing away more memories of that chubby grin and pigtails that I so miss.  And I got to admit when all those papers on the floor went in the recycle bin, I got a little scratchy in the throat.  Yep, I'm a sap.  Confirmed.

BUT, on the flip side I now have an empty third tote!  And it is already getting it's share of wonderful work.  .....and I didn't loose any sleep over the recycle truck coming.

Dear Emma, 
Look at all you accomplish.  Every day, every paper, every mark of your pencil, makes me so proud.  You are creative, smart, and such a great learner.  If we had a castle that had 12 large rooms in it, I would hang every paper up and keep them forever.  But we don't.  And that's OK.  We have three totes, and each year we will add another.  We will keep the very special papers.  We will recycle the others.  All being so very important...just like you are so very important.  Thank you for the rainbow.  And one more thing, I love you too.
xo, Mom

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