Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Picnic at the Park Birthday

So here it is August, and I am just now sorting through pictures and posting my daughter's second birthday. I could use the excuse that there were so many cute pictures that every day I have been downloading, sorting, and editing them. Which don't get me wrong, there were several cute ones, however it's just the busy days of being a mom of two that has kept me from getting these out here.  No matter, just happy to report that Hope's 2nd birthday was a splash of fun!

July 21, we celebrated with a Picnic at the Park and Splash Pad...a wonderful idea given to me from a dear freind.  Really, what mom doesn't love a party that has easy finger foods, easy set up, easy clean up, and free entertainment?!  Brilliant!  We sent each kiddo guest to eat right out of a lunchbox of thier choice.  Then after some good eats it was time to play!

Are these two ever up any good when together?  :)

A party isn't a party until you let a kid play in the electrical wires.  Just kidding, it's all about perspective here.  ;)

Lovin' some cousins!!

After the park we returned home and had a small cake and munchies for those in the family that didn't want to beat the heat at the park.  Hope adored having Happy Birthday sung to her.  In fact, it just might be the first time I have ever seen her get a tad embarrassed!  Once she got the candles blown out we began to cut the cake and she blurted out, "bye bye Melmo."  (Melmo would be her name for that red fuzzy guy)

All the festivities must have tuckered our little spitfire out.  I found her laying on the floor the next afternoon "cuddling" with her Melmo lunchbox and balloons.  What. a. doll.

Happy 2nd birthday my dear Hope.  What a fun and wonderful day of celebration!  You are a blessing upon blessing in our lives and we are so thankful you are here.  Wishing you a year of adventure (as if we need to wish on that one!) MWAH!
Hugs and kiss, Mom

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