Friday, August 31, 2012

Hope-full Moments.

She does make a lot of moments for us.
...drinking from the dog dish, escaping the child safety bolts, wearing her sister's shoes, eating tree bark, flipping out of shopping carts before she could walk, flipping over her crib rails before she could walk, leaping of the couch and climbing tables - you guessed it - before she could walk, making Barbie dolls kiss Hank, taking her clothes off, falling down the stairway....and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Two nights ago, we got to spend our third night (in the past year) waking her up every two hours to do the "concussion check". This time it didn't matter how many times her daddy yelled stopped, she didn't listen. And he didn't get there fast enough to catch her before her head hit the concrete.

My darling Hope.  We didn't know what living was until you came to show us. Sometimes we just sit and wonder how your curiosity gets along so well with your determination. You are one of a kind.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ever get a little teary at the recycle bin?

Heading into week number two of school. All is going great and first grade proves to trump previous years. Art, music, science, and of course don't forget lunch!

So how is mom these days, you ask? Does anyone care how I like first grade? Well, to tell you the truth, I think it's pretty cool, too. I adore the few minutes when Emma gets off the bus and Hope is still napping.  She bee-bops into the house and immediately starts in talking about her day.  Love it.
Oh wait, what was that....did anyone catch in there where I said "Hope is still napping?"  Yes, here is the coolest part of first grade.  I now have a child that does not have to be picked up by the mom taxi in the middle of the day and another child that takes a solid two hour nap.  If that ain't beautiful, I don't know what is!

So on that two hour gap, I have been tyring to get organized.  First on the agenda is to do something with the school work that is already coming home.  I see that the three totes under my bed are already busting at the seams from EVERY piece of paper Emma's fingerprints existed on from Pre-K and Kindergarten.  Did I really save everything? 
Yes.  Oh yes.  I did.

After some serious detoxing, and over an hour later, I somehow managed to pick "my favorite" things from the past two years.  One tote for Pre-K and one for Kindergarten.  I never thought of myself as a pack rat, but getting rid of school work that Emma worked so hard on was extremely difficult for me!  Perhaps after 12 more totes it will be easy-peasy, who knows.  For now, it was as if I was throwing away more memories of that chubby grin and pigtails that I so miss.  And I got to admit when all those papers on the floor went in the recycle bin, I got a little scratchy in the throat.  Yep, I'm a sap.  Confirmed.

BUT, on the flip side I now have an empty third tote!  And it is already getting it's share of wonderful work.  .....and I didn't loose any sleep over the recycle truck coming.

Dear Emma, 
Look at all you accomplish.  Every day, every paper, every mark of your pencil, makes me so proud.  You are creative, smart, and such a great learner.  If we had a castle that had 12 large rooms in it, I would hang every paper up and keep them forever.  But we don't.  And that's OK.  We have three totes, and each year we will add another.  We will keep the very special papers.  We will recycle the others.  All being so very important...just like you are so very important.  Thank you for the rainbow.  And one more thing, I love you too.
xo, Mom

Monday, August 27, 2012

More like it.

Because the last two post have been way way WAY too girly for me, I must post a few pictures to remind myself of the day-to-day life with my two precious daughters and four legged child named Hank.

Shew - now that's more like it!  My life - never a dull moment....

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fancy Nancy Day #2

To follow up on that last post, here was a day spent this summer with my first born princess.  We like to call it "A Fancy Nancy Day"...because it is just that.

Three years ago, when we lived in Ohio, Emma and I took several fun trips to the quaint small public library in Powell.  Emma found a series of children's book by author Jane O'Conner that featured a Miss Fancy Nancy.  Very cute books.  Emma became a collector in no time, and so began our Fancy Nancy journey.

Once Emma began to imagine and pretend just as the character in the books, I took my (then 4 year old) daughter on her first Fancy Nancy day out.  This is a day that she was allowed to wear whatever she wanted (ya know, all the dress up items I wouldn't let her even peep out on the front porch in!), use our fancy words, and just be about as girly as girls can get.  Keep in mind this is a whole new world for me!  But is was a world my sweet Emma adored....and her imagination is way to fun to watch.  So on that first Fancy Nancy day, we visited a cute little cupcake shop, had a tea party for all her baby dolls and even dressed Hank up in a boa.

Now it is three years later.  Emma is almost 7.  Completing a summer reading program, she earned a free easy ready book.  Her pick - Fancy Nancy's Fancy day in Room 1-A.  And what did I hear from the back seat on the way home, "Mom, can we have another Fancy Nancy day soon?!"

Deep breath...."sure."

And so we did.
Ruby Pear Tea Parlor on the Noblesville town square...cutest tea room ever, and sweetest staff as well.  Perfect for our day out as mother and daughter.  Not a fancy person myself, but every second of this day tickled me pink and I wouldn't trade it for the world. 

We had the most scrumptious lunch served with tea (and hot chocolate for the non tea drinker), a stroll through the gift shop (who couldn't pass up a buy for bubble bath on a day like this), and a delightful time of all sorts of fanciness with each other.
And when you ask her what her favorite part wasn't the fancy boa, the fancy dress, the fancy tea lunch, or fancy bubble bath...
...she claims it was simply the little jar that the marshmallows used for the hot chocolate came in.
Yep, that's my girl.  Couldn't love her anymore!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My girls?

One afternoon from this past summer, Emma comes up to me and ask, "mom can I dress up Hope?" I answered with a "sure, why not".

It still surprises me to see pictures like these in my life. Growing up, I had two older brothers, grew up in the country, and played with worms and other little creatures. I had barbies and such, but the color pink - let alone sparkles - were a far cry from everyday life.

So where did all this princess stuff come from?  Not my pushing, but I'll admit it is pretty fun to watch and catch pictures of.
...and I do kinda think that both my girls are Princesses. ....for real.

First Day of First Grade.

This just isn't fair.
Remember these pictures: Pre-K
...or remember these: Kindergarten

Well, it just keeps happening.  It's just not fair that kids have to grow up.  I don't like it.  Not one bit.
And this year we have one over-the-top excited first grader.  FIRST GRADER.  This means all day and every day.  Really?  yep.  Pretty mean to us mommas isn't it?  I think so. -sigh-
She's so beautiful. 
And her sidekick is pretty cute too.  Don't get me started on how much she's grown!

Please don't go.  I can't stand that big yellow creature swallowing her up.

Made it home - safe and sound...proclaiming "I LOOOVVVVVVE first grade!!!"
And to think, I actually thought she would say, gee mom, school stinks, can I stay home with you forever?
So not fair.  I don't like this post.  Not one bit.  [exit room looking for the Kleenexes]

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Lost toot?

No, of course not.  (We never lose any of those around here!)  But someone did lose their first tootH today! 

This has been a moment Emma has been waiting for....for MONTHS!  It seems everyone she knows has been losing teeth and collecting from that Tooth Fairy, and it just hasn't seemed to fair that she still had all those gorgeous baby teeth.  And not to mention, I was informed by our six year old that when you lose your teeth the dentist has told her that "adult" teeth come in.  Clearly, that means you become an adult regardless of your age.  Who knew?!

Congrats my sweet Emma Lillie.  What a fun day.  I can only hope the Tooth Fairy delivers tonight. ;)

Thursday, August 9, 2012

She always has liked to color.

A few weekends ago, Emma and I participated in her first 5K. The Color Run came to town and I couldn't keep this 6 year old from going for the gusto.  
We started in the heart of downtown Indy with thousands of other clean runners all dressed in the brightest of white.

She was SO excited to start that she couldn't stand still! 
...and then after much waiting, we were off!

At the first "color stop" we were splattered with orange.  Having a ball we were laughing and cheering.  We soon learned that keeping your mouth closed was a much better idea!!

Good friends Melanie and Molly congratulating Emma on her job well done.   We sure aren't sporting that bright white anymore!

One last color cool.

She woke up at 5:30 am, did a lot of waiting, ran-jogged-walked-and rode piggy back for over 3 miles, had the time of her life getting splattered with color, finished her first 5K....
....and in the end made one sweet memory for her momma.