Sunday, July 22, 2012

Top ten moments.

Listening to an interview on TV one day, the newscaster asked the star being interviewed about their top 10 best moments in life. Of course birth of children, weddings, vacations were all amongst the top. I started thinking of my life and what would I put on that list.

The no-brainer answer would definitely be accepting the Lord into my heart and being baptized, I mean really what better way to spend a Sunday afternoon, right? ;) So yes, that day ranks pretty high, BUT there is a moment in time where everything stood still....and for the wonderful sixty plus minutes I lived the best moment of my life, so far.

July 22, 2010.
 Hope Kaylynn came into the world with a loud cry and an instant grip on her daddy's finger. Very emotional, and can remember every detail like yesterday. I didn't think anything could get better... but it did.
After the doctors left, the only people in the room were Adam the nurse and I.  We were told the birthing ward only allowed one other adult in the room.  With two grandma's sitting in the waiting room, what were we to do - flip a coin?  So with some bending of rules we snuck in the best "adult" in town.  Big sister Emma had been anxiously awaiting this day when she got to meet "the baby."
The above picture is my absolute favorite picture in the world, ranking high in that top 10 list of best moments in life.  "Mom, I think it's a girl, her hat is pink."

It was so so so very quiet in the room.  Just the whispers of Emma in her proudest awe of a new sister.  Nurse Allison took Hope and began cleaning and bathing her, letting Emma help in every way.  Never have I met a nurse so sweet.
The "rule" of one adult...well, don't tell me that isn't fudged a little bit when babys are born.  And according to Nurse Allison that was case many times.  However, she assured me that would just be our little secret.  She had reason behind it all.  She gently told me that Hope had the rest of her life to surrounded by loving people, and this was the only moment that she was just ours.  Completly ours.  A family of four.  "Enjoy it," she said,  "take it all in."  She proceeded to tell there was no rush to get to the recovery room and that she was going to take her time, for us.  And so she did.
I am forever thankful for the kind and patient nurse Allison.  She could not have been more right.  Those several minutes of sharing Hope with Emma was the best moment in my life.  A family of four, and time stood still.  No words to explain the joy and peace.
Happy birthday Hope Kaylynn. I love you to the moon and back...and back again.

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