Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Monday, July 30, 2012

We ain't sissys here.

OK, I'm going to lay it all out here - just as a warning, this post is not for the queasy, squeamish, or members of PETA.

It does, in fact, contain pictures of an adorable little princess sporting a frilly pink tutu.  However do not be alarmed to find her actions do not match the outfit.

We ain't your typical suburb princesses here in Fox Run.

And keep in mind this blog is a scrapbook of our life....and sometimes our life is weird.

So the story goes...
We have had a mole.

It was marking his territory all through the back landscaping where we have been hard at work producing tomatoes, peppers, squash, zucchini, and cucumbers.  (I told you we weren't the typical house in the suburb!)  These plants are taken seriously around here and Mr. Mole was really starting to get under my skin...no pun intended. What to do, what to do....with kids and a dog on the back porch, poison couldn't happen and all the wives tales of getting rid of moles seemed just that.  hmmmmmmm....

The weekend of Hope's birthday, our neighbor of endless knowledge explained to us he would catch the mole.  Catch?  What?!?!  Seriously?  Yep, he was.  According to Mr. Jacobs, there are patterns the mole runs and a few hours of peace and solitude on our porch and he would have that mole in his bucket.

uhhhhhh, ya right.

Apparently, Mr. Jacobs has a reputation in catching moles and further explained a bit of his tactics to me.  He described himself as "one with the mole."   Sooooooo, he's blind?

Well the birthday festivities past (and yes, I know I'm blogging about a mole BEFORE blogging my daughter's 2nd birthday - stellar.)  1:00 Monday, lunch was over and the girls we sending Grandma off, blowing her hugs and kisses as she pulled out the drive.  Emma went inside, Hank still barking outside, and Hope not wanting to go back in.....and I see the dirt move.  Oh ya, up and down, right by my pepper.  Oh geesh, what do I do - it's the mole!  Knowing Mr. Jacobs history and vast mole knowledge, my first thought was to leave him be and let the mole catcher complete the job that evening.  But holy smokes the pepper plant just went sideways.  Enough was enough!  I had had enough of this pesty varmint because no one messes with this momma's peppers!

90 seconds of pure adrenalin.  I race to grab a shovel and bucket.  The neighbor's pitchfork was already in the zone.  I couldn't remember "stick the shovel behind, stick the shovel in front"  crap....just stick it!!!!  And that I did.  Behind....because a mole in danger will immediately turn around (mole lesson #45 from the mole catcher).  And that he did.  I ignored my 2 year old and the dog and just keep digging with that pitchfork.  1 fling, (ack there he is!), 2 flings, 3 flings a pitchfork and out he flew!  Stinkin' mole immediately stuck that nose and began to burrow back in the grass (as described in mole lesson #68).  Luckily I had my bucket and scooped him up in it.

"Hooray hooray, Mom got the mole!!!" I hear Emma shouting from inside - who knew I had a fan club on the other side of the window.    She was more stoked than me....and here is where that adorable pink tutu comes into play.
"Mom can we kill it?"  ....  "Mom, can we hang it from the tree?"  (I don't know who she would have gotten that idea from...hump hum Mr. Jacobs...)
"Mom, let's see it's teeth."
"Mom, can I poke it with a stick?"
"Mom, where does it poop?"
"Mom, can I carry it around?"
"Mom, I just can't believe you caught the mole...you're awesome."

And there he hung.  Scrappy Mr. Mole.  Thanks for an exciting day here in the suburbs.
The Mole Whisper

Thursday, July 26, 2012


I can not love this girl anymore.  Summer bike rides can tucker you out just enough that two seconds in the 'ol blue chair does the trick. 
Gotta chuckle at the blue plastic glasses - what a ham.

But truly, how much does my heart melt to see "dog" still so tightly hugged.
Never misses a night....since she and dog met over 6 years ago.
Could. stare. at. her. all. night.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sneaky mom.

Emma: Mom look at me, I broke my head and leg.
Me: That's hilarious, let me take your picture.
Emma: Nooooooooo!"
Me: ah, come on...it's too funny...
Emma: ok, just don't put it on Facebook.

Sorry Emma, you never said I couldn't post on the blog. Don't worry some day you will show this to your kids and they will be so glad we have it documented. ;) 
I love you Emma Lillie!


My girls and I are always up for taking an adventure. Sometimes it lands in our backyard, sometime we head out of the neighborhood....and sometimes we can find one under Emma's bed! A few weeks ago, we traveled over to Carmel's Cool Creek Park. It wasn't one of the hottest days we have had, but certainly was warm enough to make us only stay for just an hour before melting. However in that hour we found many exciting things from fun shaped leaves, crazy trees, walking trails and swing in the shade. Exploring with a 6 and 2 year old is just plum fun.

...my tree-hugger...

Emma journaled everything...and I mean everything.  She would draw every cool looking tree and path so "she would have pictures to keep of everything she saw."  Hope, on the other hand just ran, and ran....
..and today's adventure is brought to you by the letter "W".

Unfortunately, no water in creek.  But is was neat to take the girls under the bridge and see all the roots from the trees.  Praying for rain soon though!
Thanks Emma and Hope for a fun adventure!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Top ten moments.

Listening to an interview on TV one day, the newscaster asked the star being interviewed about their top 10 best moments in life. Of course birth of children, weddings, vacations were all amongst the top. I started thinking of my life and what would I put on that list.

The no-brainer answer would definitely be accepting the Lord into my heart and being baptized, I mean really what better way to spend a Sunday afternoon, right? ;) So yes, that day ranks pretty high, BUT there is a moment in time where everything stood still....and for the wonderful sixty plus minutes I lived the best moment of my life, so far.

July 22, 2010.
 Hope Kaylynn came into the world with a loud cry and an instant grip on her daddy's finger. Very emotional, and can remember every detail like yesterday. I didn't think anything could get better... but it did.
After the doctors left, the only people in the room were Adam the nurse and I.  We were told the birthing ward only allowed one other adult in the room.  With two grandma's sitting in the waiting room, what were we to do - flip a coin?  So with some bending of rules we snuck in the best "adult" in town.  Big sister Emma had been anxiously awaiting this day when she got to meet "the baby."
The above picture is my absolute favorite picture in the world, ranking high in that top 10 list of best moments in life.  "Mom, I think it's a girl, her hat is pink."

It was so so so very quiet in the room.  Just the whispers of Emma in her proudest awe of a new sister.  Nurse Allison took Hope and began cleaning and bathing her, letting Emma help in every way.  Never have I met a nurse so sweet.
The "rule" of one adult...well, don't tell me that isn't fudged a little bit when babys are born.  And according to Nurse Allison that was case many times.  However, she assured me that would just be our little secret.  She had reason behind it all.  She gently told me that Hope had the rest of her life to surrounded by loving people, and this was the only moment that she was just ours.  Completly ours.  A family of four.  "Enjoy it," she said,  "take it all in."  She proceeded to tell there was no rush to get to the recovery room and that she was going to take her time, for us.  And so she did.
I am forever thankful for the kind and patient nurse Allison.  She could not have been more right.  Those several minutes of sharing Hope with Emma was the best moment in my life.  A family of four, and time stood still.  No words to explain the joy and peace.
Happy birthday Hope Kaylynn. I love you to the moon and back...and back again.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

1+1=2 ?

So here we are in the days leading up to a certain someone's birthday.  And that certain someone has been the talk of that town lately.  Her curiosity and busy lifestyle has multiplied by the hundreds.  What's this all mean?  That we are in for a ride!!!

We have found Hope drinking water from the dog dish twice now, and a construction worker from next door came to tell me the other day "there is a kid running down the street."  Yep, she was mine...three houses down.  And what is the joy about smearing muffins across your closed eyelids, I'll never know.
Since this blog is my journal of life, I can't help but share a few of these stories so that years from now I can look back....and well....laugh.
 Here are a few of the latest happenings that just so happen to get caught on film.

I was standing in the kitchen and as my nose began to run, I stated out loud "I'm going to have to blow my nose this morning."  I continue to get the girl's breakfast ready and find Hope standing at the corner of the kitchen holding toilet paper.  Oh how sweet, she brought me a tissue to blow my nose on.  Well, it was still attached.
The next adventure brings us to lunch a few days ago. Hope, clearly not hungry, deliberately dumps her water smack dab down her shirt and onto her pants. Me, not happy, begins to scold her and let her know that is not what we do. I make my way into the kitchen and hear her pounding her fork on the table. Beaming her with another dirty look, I ask her to stop. She caulks her arm up with fork in hand. Quick as a whip I give her that "don't you even think about it." So she puts her arm down. I turn to get a towel to clean up the water and within seconds a forks comes flying through the kitchen. Yep, she's got the arm of a major league pitcher. Mad as muffins, her lunch was clearly over and she was escorted away from the kitchen table with some very choice words from her momma!
Guessing she got the message since she was found hiding behind the curtains....
And the fun continues, my friends!  A couple evenings ago all was quiet (a rare moment) so the parents thought Hope and Emma were loving on each other and watching TV.  Well, one of the two was.  The other proudly came up to her momma with a grin, just to show me her new found talent.   Manicures and pedicures!  She had found the polish and managed to open one, and took the liberty to independently add some color to her life.  "Purple, purple," she kept announcing.  Yes, Hope....it's purple.

I must admit, I was quiet impressed with our 23 month old's ability to paint her toenails so well.   Her fingernails weren't near as executed.....nor the floor.
So there you have it....the life of Hope Kaylynn.  Never a dull moment.
I recently had a friend, who is expecting their #2, ask me for advise on adding that second one.   Pretty easy to see that I'm not in control these days, so my only answer is what my husband has been saying all along... 1+1 does not equal 2.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I love these long eyelashes and all those wispy blond strays of hair....

...I also love that "who me, I didn't do it" expression.

I can only pray that in the next 18 years I notice those first two loves more than I notice that last one. xo...love you Hopers.

Friday, July 6, 2012

It's been awhile...

Amazing how in one of the worst droughts for a long time, the one single thunderstorm we get (about a week ago)just happen to zap our computer's monitor. So needless to say the blog has been neglected. But to help get things rolling again is a little diddy from my sweet Emma....
Isn't she darling? xoxo