Wednesday, June 20, 2012

One big 'ol stinkin' hot hot mess.

For those of you who think my girls are "so sweet", I'm going to let you in on a little something....ONE of them isn't!!!

Yes, Miss Hope is at it again. There is not a stroller, restaurant high chair, or grocery cart buckle that can hold her in. (Thank you Jesus, for the five point harness in the car!) She moves, she runs, she's sneaky, and she has to touch EVERYthing. On top of that, if it's not finding her naked on the porch, finding her emptying every drawer in the house, or finding her unzipping the couch cushions pulling stuffing out, then it is finding this....

That would be breakfast this morning. A little griper every since the crack of dawn she was today. Finialy, I get her sat down for some cereal. Grunting and pointing (yes, that is her language) she was not eating joyfully. So as I turn for two seconds to fix the older sister's breakfast, Hope dashes into the kitchen.

I saw her pull a couple cups out of the plastic's drawer...she took them to the fridge and was trying to dispense water into them (yes, one more inch and we will be locking that feature.) After telling her no, she rushed back into breakfast. "Oh good," I thought "she is quietly eating." Wrong.

I walk into to find, that she has taken her spoon and "scooped," for lack of better word, her milky cereal into those cups and was drinking it  pouring it down her front. Hot mess. Hot hot mess!!!

So what is up with this child?
Fast, curious, mischievous, and hard-headed all wrapped in one? Enough to drive any mom if I need help. We tell her "no" all the time. It is as if she doesn't know what it means. CLEARLY she does, as I  heard her this morning tell the TV, "NO" when Mickey Mouse asked if she wanted to come in the clubhouse. Oh ya, she knows.
She knows everything! She can follow directions better than anyone I know. Yet she doesn't speak but a dozen words.

It has been a few weeks now that she has been speaking out on her colors. Today however, every time I held up a green crayon she said, "bllluuuuuuuuuue" Oh yes, it is said with ten syllables, eight voice pitch changes, and her little cocked eyebrow. She is a stinker. So I tell her, "no, it's green."
She cocks that eyebrow and looks at me as she slyly says...."yeellllllooooooww".

And yes there is a paci in that picture above. I know, almost two and still has a paci. I am sure all the older generations reading this are growling at me. But hey, she's a wild one, and let's face it, that paci is for my one ounce of sanity that is still left!  And just in case you have an eagle-eye, you are correct...she is not wearing pants in the picture.   I simply must pick my battles with her.

Ohhhhhhh, Hope Kaylynn. Wherever did you come from? I know, I came from the sweetest spot in heaven wrapped up in a blessing that grows everyday.

You wear me out, yet every time I hear your laugh/horse's neigh, I am (without a doubt)
puddy. in. your. hands.

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