Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Because I'll want it on record...

...that Hope was the kid that took a bath in her pajamas.

That's right, when all is quiet we should know by now to find Hope quickly. Last weekend at their grandma and papaw's house, all the cousins had their baths. All clean with jammies on the older two play together downstairs while Amaya and Hope run around upstairs. All the sudden we hear some noises come from the bathroom and within seconds realize Hope is missing. We all look at each other and know exactly what we are about to find. ....and we did....

Luckily, the tub was drained, but the dishes and toys still were full of water which is what she was pouring all over her.

She. wears. me. out.
(Good thing she's cute....and we took extra jammies.)

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