Tuesday, May 15, 2012

No flash photos, please.

Saturday was time for Village Dance Studio students to take center stage. It is hard to imagine a whole year as passed by us already! It is also hard to take pictures of moving children with little light and not use your flash! But we did the best we could for our little "Firecracker" and her dance showcase.
Warming up...always important and taken very seriously!
Hair in a bun and proper dance attire on made my sweet little girl look so grown up.  Am I really ready for this?  As much as I want her to grow and experience new things, I still want her to forever be that toddler that wants to curl up on my lap to watch Sesame Street. 
She's so beautiful.

Love it.  Not only was Emma's performance spectacular (just ask her mom, she'll tell ya), Hope sat still and didn't make a peep for the whole hour show!!!  And as for our little "firecracker"....well, she was proud as punch and grinning ear to ear.  
.....and Mom and Dad were too.

Thanks Emma for sharing your dance with us - it was the best 90 seconds of the whole weekend!  xo!

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