Friday, May 25, 2012

Another brick taller.

Experienced parents will tell you at any given moment, "Enjoy it, time flies and before you know it they are all grown up."  And they're really does.  Aside from my love to take pictures, they doubly serve as my memory.  And since I don't scrapbook, or print very many pictures for that reason, I keep this blog.  It's my official scrapbook in cyberspace.  And on top of that it lets me enjoy those moments over and over again...because yes, time does fly.
Remember just a few months again when this was posted: First day of Kindergarten
Those pictures from just nine months ago gives this sappy mom goosebumps, especially when we now have these...
Last day of Kindergarten
"Dynamic Duo" (is Hope even the same girl from last fall?)

Accepting "Best Handwriting Award"
One more picture with the very brave Mrs. Townsend as she huddles together 25 children one last time.  Did we mention of the 25 only 8 are girls!
Nothing is better than popsicles on the playground with your buddies!
New first graders, Emma and Alivia!

What a fun day, Emma Lillie.  We are so proud of you and can not wait to be apart of your new adventures as a first grader!  You still are making this momma glow.  xoxo

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