Thursday, April 26, 2012

Official Take Your Child to Work Day.

To celebrate this official holiday, I did just that and took my kids to work with me. 
Our day went something like this:

Get self up, get kids up.  Change a diaper, put the dog out, catch Hope from chasing the dog out.  Fix kids' breakfast, clean up the kids' breakfast (and by clean up, I mean mop up the dumped cereal from a certain someone).  Do Emma's hair, remind Emma of teeth, shoes, backpack, and send her on the bus.  Hog-tie a screaming Hope that refuses to come back inside from watching the bus leave.  Change another diaper.  Sit with Hope, a sippy cup, and watch episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  Read book to Hope and make animal noises.  Unload dishwasher.  Get Hope out of dishes.  Load dishwasher.  Get dog out of dishes.  Pick up dirty kid's clothes strung across floor.  Chase Hope from striping down and leaving clothes on floor.  Pull my hair back in ponytail, brush teeth.  Grab naked Hope, put clothes back on, put in car, go pick up Emma.  Lunch.  Fix, feed, and clean up.  Listen to Emma yell at Hope for getting into her crafting.  Stick Hope on porch with sidewalk chalk.  Change another diaper.  Fill another sippy cup.  Start washer, end washer, move to dryer.  Clean sidewalk chalk off Hope.  Put Hope in carseat, take Emma to play-date.  Listen to screaming, unhappy child all  the way home.  Change another diaper.  Fill another sippy cup. Clean bathroom, keep Hope out of cleaner.  Chase Hope with cleaner.  Start thinking about supper.  Plan supper.  Chase Hope.  Put Hope to nap.    Mop kitchen floor.  Get Emma.  Change another diaper.  Fill another sippy cup.  Fix supper.  Feed supper.  Clean up supper.  Load dishwasher.  Read and return book from Emma.  Get Hope coat on to play on outside porch.  Take pictures of Hope.  Pick up toys.  Look outside see Hope taking clothes off.  Get Hope, get Hope's clothes.  Make Hope stop kicking and screaming.  Pick up toys.  Get kid's jammies on.  Lay out Emma school clothes for tomorrow.  Brush teeth, wipe face, say bedtime prayers.  Hug, kiss, tuck in.
8:30pm go start sewing....too bad the kids are in bed or I could have taken them.

So did I take them to work, or did they take me to work?  And the real question.....Can I go to the bathroom now?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shucks.  Guess I'll take the little tykes with me to work again tomorrow.  I'm just that smitten for 'em.  xoxo

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