Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Going Green at the Book Swap

Emma's PTO at her elementary school put on a book swap. A wonderful idea obviously generated by mothers that not only clean out clutter but find themselves reading the same books over and over every night!
It goes a somethin' like this; you clean out your gently used books of any age from baby on up, stuff your kids backpack full -but not too full that she tips over getting on the bus- and send her to school with them. Volunteers at school go through the books and reward your child with "points", usually one for each book or two for more advanced chapter books. Then on a beautiful Saturday morning, the PTO has all the books spread out in the cafeteria. You check in and get your "points (or credits)" and start shopping. One credit for most books and two credits for those harder ones.

Check out the loot Emma came home with! She was top credit girl with a whopping 39 credits!!! (Someone cleaned house!) And lucky for her having majority boys in her grade level left a lot of Princess books on the table that were donated from older girls that had outgrown them. Score.
Big sister even collected a few books for Hope. Yes there is a theme.
So let's recap: 
1. This momma got to clean house on the book level. 
2. Emma's day was made with a ton of new books. 
3. Recycling and saving the planet never felt better. 
4. A child should never have a white bedspread if they like to play outdoors barefoot. (See above picture!) 

Thank you Union Elementary PTO!

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