Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Watching Dancing with the Stars, "ewwww Mom, I love that naked dress."  What's a naked dress, I ask? "Ya know when there isn't a back and the sleeves are short."

There has been rumor of a little Kindergarten crush going on in Mrs. Townsend's class.  Emma asked a few evenings ago in a most serious tone, "Mom, is it really not OK to marry someone that doesn't like IU?"

Forced to leave a store due to Hope throwing an embarrassing temper tantrum, we get in the car.  Emma pulls out her Bible and ask me how to spell Genesis.  I ask why.  She explains, "because I am going to read to Hope what happen to Adam and Eve when they didn't listen to their parent and ate the apple."

And so she did....started reading the Bible - page one, chapter one.  We didn't make it to the apple by the time we got home.  ;)

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