Sunday, March 4, 2012

Vacuums and Vegetable Stock

Music is so "zen-like" for me. Recently I have been fixated on the song "Come Home" by Luminate - one verse in particular; You can try to fix your broken empire
And put bricks on a cracked foundation
But you'd be building castles on the sand

I find that so true when it comes to our (my) health. The desire to loose weight, avoid diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, avoid high blood pressure or cholesterol, and to have complete hormone balance is tough. Many times it seems a pill or a drug is what most people rely on. But God has taken me on a journey that was truly eye-opening. Instead of modern medicine (which PROVES to have worse side effects), it was the prevention that was more important. Just be healthy. Healthy. And being healthy means to quit putting bricks on that cracked foundation.

OK ready? Ready. ...or so I thought.

I was quick to realize this is hard when one is completely surrounded by non supporters. Falling back and taking shortcuts seem ok for the moment, but end up piling up. BUT thankfully God pulls out his reminder card that He is still in charge. I got an email from a dear dear friend whom I haven't seen in years. She writes, I miss you, lets get together Sunday.

And we did. It was wonderful. The most uplifting fresh breath of air I have had in such a long time. We talked and talked. Kids, family, old times, exercising, eating healthy. I love her encouraging voice in building that foundation that isn't cracked.

So since last Sunday, we have been keeping in touch via e-mail with encouraging words. My favorite was her e-mail sharing with me how to make organic vegetable stock. I had no idea it was SO easy and SO cheap! Her instructions went a little like this:

Enhanse the flavor with some cut up onion and celery...
Save your yummy vegetable ends from the week - mine were overabundant! From carrot peelings, sweet potato peelings, beet ends, pepper ends, cilantro ends, cauliflower stumps, broccoli ends, asparagus ends and more. I can't believe I use to throw this out as trash!!! Just see for yourself the beautiful colors...
After simmering my FREE trash in a pot loaded with FREE water, I got (drum roll please)...
Check out all that stock (or as some call broth)! I can't wait to use it in some wonder soup recipes. And the best - no salt, no preservatives, and no ingredients that I can't pronounce or recognize. Perfect foundation. Thank you Melanie for sharing!!!

What a great friend. What a wonderful friendship. I can't help but copy and paste the whole e-mail that she sent me with this recipe on it;
Dump your yummy vegetable ends (include herbs stalks if you have some) in a big pot, cover with water, boil/simmer for 30 min or so. Onions and celery enhance the flavor nicely. Strain, tupperware, freeze! That's all I do.
Have fun with that crazy kitchen! :)
I remember a conversation we had many years ago about the excitement of buying a vacuum cleaner! We're really branching out!

You're right Melanie, we are branching out! And I still love my Dyson! :)

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