Friday, March 30, 2012

Eat a rainbow? You betcha.

Ever heard the saying "eat a rainbow everyday"? ....and we aren't talking Lucky Charms.

Well, here at the Phipps' house we take it literally. Just check out that blender (not to mention adorable girl beside it....we'll get to her in a minute).

That blender holds every color of the rainbow. Red apples and cherries, orange carrot juice and of course oranges, yellow mango and banana, green spinach (don't yak just yet), blue blueberries and violet blackberries. Not to mention a slew of other things like flax oil, almond milk, wonderful H2O, hemp nuts, chia seeds and MORE!

Now I am sure you are thinking - holy smokes, does she spend a million hours making this? The simple answer is, nope. I have two containers I pull out of the freezer - one has blueberries in it and the other has a slew of all that mixed fruit, peelings, uneaten leftover fresh fruit, and even my "nutrition cubes". Nutrition cubes are what I call my homemade "ice" cubes. When carrot juice or green protein juice goes on sale, I bulk up and freeze them in ice cube containers along with my hemp nuts or seeds. Once frozen, just pop them out and woa-la, instant and easy to just throw in!

So it goes something like this:
One fresh banana (or a thawed one that was frozen because it almost went bad...yep, we waste nothing!)
Throw in those nutrition cubes, 2 or 3...or 4 (I promise you won't taste the carrot juice!)
1 cup frozen blueberries
1 cup frozen fruit from the mixed up container
Squirt of flax oil
Toss in a handful of spinach or my new favorite, Kale (seriously, you won't taste it!!!)
1 cup of warm water
and for the kids 1 cup of Almond milk to make it taste like ice cream

Now, let's ask the experts about that wonderful taste of rainbow.....
SUCCESS! "Give me more, Mom!"
Love it. Love that BOTH my girls ask for these on a daily basis. They love them. I love them. Also love that this recipe is a heck of a lot cheaper than those sugar coated Lucky Charms if you utilize sales and your eating healthy expensive? I sure don't think so...

...especially when you get a pot of gold at the end of that rainbow.

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