Thursday, February 16, 2012

um..."smittin" we'll call it.

Picked Emma up from school today. Here is our conversation on the way home.

Emma - Mom, Cal told me that Nathan likes me.
(pause, possibly follow by a gulp...could this be? My baby is only six! In two quick seconds, I saw her daddy badgering a young boy, a mom sitting up late waiting on those last minutes of a curfew to pass, prom dresses, wedding plans - eeeEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR SLOW DOWN MOMMA - pull yourself together!!!! )

Me - uhhhhhhh......well of course, why wouldn't anyone not like you, you're so friendly and cute?!
(shew, saved on that one. tick tock tick tock. Or did I? I see a blushing young grin sitting in the backseat, reflected in my mirror.)

Emma - Well, Nathan must have told Cal he liked me because Cal told me. Seriously. Mom, I'm serious, he really did!

Me - Did you say anything back? (For the first time I am relieved I have the child that never talks to anyone and has the biggest shy bone ever.)

Emma - Wellllll, then Cal asked me if I like Nathan. I told him "kind of".

Me - Oh. Oh my. So you said kind of huh?

Emma - ya, well, because in my head I was thinking "because I really do."


ps - I was informed this was a secret and was promised not to tell anyone except Papaw and Grandma! :)

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