Wednesday, February 8, 2012

She puts the cracker in my fire.

Asking Hope questions is something we do all day...for where there is a mystery, there is usually Hope behind it. Today's question is "Hope, where's your shirt?"
Her typical answer of "I don't know" should have been expected! Unfortunately, the batteries on my camera were dead when she was wrestling with her shirt. As I scrambled to put new batteries in, she managed to pull it off prancing around with such pride.

I turn my head for a few seconds to clean up our lunch dishes. Who knew there would be more to her freedom story. And once again, the stellar mom I am, instead of doing my long list of chores, I start snapping photos of my ridiculous firecracker of a daughter.

I can not explain the things she does....other than, they make me laugh. Really laugh. And for safety sake of the cyber world I won't post the pictures of the rest of the story, however, I am sure you can imagine. She was determined and it wasn't before long she was smiling at her birthday suit.
Nothing makes a momma laugh than a naked child full of mischief.

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