Monday, February 6, 2012


Enjoying the 50 degree weather this February day outside cleaning out the car while Emma colors our driveway with chalk. Emma working ever so very hard on a large heart embellished with a smiley face and a rainbow of design surrounding it. She thinks while she works. No question her wheels were cranking this time as she creates in her "own world".

After much work and silence, she comes up and says, "mom, I have a question."
....yes, Emma....
"Do dogs fall in love with other dogs like people do with each other - you know like girls and boys do."

Sometimes the best answers to her questions are, what do you think? She studied for a second and answered with a "yep."
Well then I surely think so too.

I just love that girl.
(....and our dog.)

***for the record...regarding the post earlier today: Hope decided to walk off a chair this afternoon and re-bust her lip. She got it good this time. I think we hit our quota this week and it's only Monday.

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