Thursday, February 23, 2012

Effective is all that counts.

"mom-MEE, dad-DEE, emmm-MAA," is all she says. That's right, put me on the charts as the mom that's daughter did not pass the verbal exam of her 18 month check-up.

With child #1, these test seemed so gratifying as Emma blew the roof of the house with answers. Makes a parent feel like a superstar when their child is above average and in those high percentiles. But then comes along child #2.

Ahhhhhh, child #2. According to "standards", she is to be saying 8-10 words on top of mom and dad. (Animal noises don't count, I tried.) As Hope sit there and babble her own foreign language of complete nonsense, I began to feel some I not reading enough to her, is she not getting that one on one attention like Emma did? Gee, I hope the doctor doesn't think I'm a horrible parent! I stay at home for heaven's sake, she should be reciting the Pledge of Allegiance by now!

Nah. Observing the next few rounds of questions, Hope was clearly able to answer questions, preform tasks, and get the message across as to what she wanted. Therefore passing the "communication" part of the exam. Shew!

I laugh as I watch my spitfire here at home. She clearly gets what she wants, when she wants, and is as effect about it as any toddler could be. Her hand motions, grunts, and cutie grin is all the communication she needs. Smart. Smart little dickens. I can count on her to unload the dishwasher and put the the dishes away better than my six year old.

She sees a potholder with a cow, cat and barn on it. She says, "mooooo, meeeeoooowwww," then knocks on the barn. Effect communicator.

So her father loves it. He is proud that, unlike child #1 who will ramble on about her make believe world for hours, child#2 gets the point across and moves on. He calls her the effective communicator. He also says she is MBA bound.

All I can say, is watch out Kelly School of Business...she's a spitfire.

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