Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Cherish it like it only happens every four years.

Hello leap year, nice to see you again. How did I spend my February 29th?
See for yourself...
I love this age. So fun. So curious. Very very curious.
The weather today was stated to have hit the upper 60's. Very odd for February in Indiana, but hey I'm not complaining! Maybe it only happens every four years? Anyhow, with the sun shining and big sister at a friends house for the afternoon, the little sister and I got some one-on-one time in the fresh air. What a ball we had.

I couldn't help but get all "gushy" inside as I started snapping pictures. It wasn't but five years ago I was snapping pictures of another little curly blond, same outfit, same grin, same curiosity. I couldn't help but see my little Emma through the camera today. Gosh, could it be that she is old enough to be spending the day at a friends house, giggling and playing outside with a buddy? Yep. Man, growing up is hard to do....for the mom, that is.

To our Creator - Thank You . Thank you for being so kind and so generous to allow me another beautiful curly blond to spend today with. So so very thankful.

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