Friday, February 24, 2012

And away she goes!

Proudest day ever for my beautiful six year old. Dying to learn how to ride her bike without training wheels, we took full advantage of a semi-warm February day last Friday. Balance...balance....GO! After a few runs with mom holding onto the backseat, she was eager to "just let me do it mom!" So she did.

As soon as she had her first good run, the neighborhood heard a very loud and proud "I DID IT!!!!" Oh, ya...probably a mom in the background yelling a little praise too. Proud as punch - both of us. Emma was on cloud nine and above! Ready to hit the road, we stuck little sister in the stroller and went. She peddled a whole mile!
Emma could not stand waiting for her dad to get home and show him. As soon as he saw, Emma declared a celebratory supper was needed....Hibachi to be exact! That girl, gotta love her style.

What a fun day. It will forever be etched in my mind the screams of joy and excitement after that first stretch of riding solo. Love it.

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