Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Cherish it like it only happens every four years.

Hello leap year, nice to see you again. How did I spend my February 29th?
See for yourself...
I love this age. So fun. So curious. Very very curious.
The weather today was stated to have hit the upper 60's. Very odd for February in Indiana, but hey I'm not complaining! Maybe it only happens every four years? Anyhow, with the sun shining and big sister at a friends house for the afternoon, the little sister and I got some one-on-one time in the fresh air. What a ball we had.

I couldn't help but get all "gushy" inside as I started snapping pictures. It wasn't but five years ago I was snapping pictures of another little curly blond, same outfit, same grin, same curiosity. I couldn't help but see my little Emma through the camera today. Gosh, could it be that she is old enough to be spending the day at a friends house, giggling and playing outside with a buddy? Yep. Man, growing up is hard to do....for the mom, that is.

To our Creator - Thank You . Thank you for being so kind and so generous to allow me another beautiful curly blond to spend today with. So so very thankful.

Friday, February 24, 2012

And away she goes!

Proudest day ever for my beautiful six year old. Dying to learn how to ride her bike without training wheels, we took full advantage of a semi-warm February day last Friday. Balance...balance....GO! After a few runs with mom holding onto the backseat, she was eager to "just let me do it mom!" So she did.

As soon as she had her first good run, the neighborhood heard a very loud and proud "I DID IT!!!!" Oh, ya...probably a mom in the background yelling a little praise too. Proud as punch - both of us. Emma was on cloud nine and above! Ready to hit the road, we stuck little sister in the stroller and went. She peddled a whole mile!
Emma could not stand waiting for her dad to get home and show him. As soon as he saw, Emma declared a celebratory supper was needed....Hibachi to be exact! That girl, gotta love her style.

What a fun day. It will forever be etched in my mind the screams of joy and excitement after that first stretch of riding solo. Love it.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Effective is all that counts.

"mom-MEE, dad-DEE, emmm-MAA," is all she says. That's right, put me on the charts as the mom that's daughter did not pass the verbal exam of her 18 month check-up.

With child #1, these test seemed so gratifying as Emma blew the roof of the house with answers. Makes a parent feel like a superstar when their child is above average and in those high percentiles. But then comes along child #2.

Ahhhhhh, child #2. According to "standards", she is to be saying 8-10 words on top of mom and dad. (Animal noises don't count, I tried.) As Hope sit there and babble her own foreign language of complete nonsense, I began to feel some I not reading enough to her, is she not getting that one on one attention like Emma did? Gee, I hope the doctor doesn't think I'm a horrible parent! I stay at home for heaven's sake, she should be reciting the Pledge of Allegiance by now!

Nah. Observing the next few rounds of questions, Hope was clearly able to answer questions, preform tasks, and get the message across as to what she wanted. Therefore passing the "communication" part of the exam. Shew!

I laugh as I watch my spitfire here at home. She clearly gets what she wants, when she wants, and is as effect about it as any toddler could be. Her hand motions, grunts, and cutie grin is all the communication she needs. Smart. Smart little dickens. I can count on her to unload the dishwasher and put the the dishes away better than my six year old.

She sees a potholder with a cow, cat and barn on it. She says, "mooooo, meeeeoooowwww," then knocks on the barn. Effect communicator.

So her father loves it. He is proud that, unlike child #1 who will ramble on about her make believe world for hours, child#2 gets the point across and moves on. He calls her the effective communicator. He also says she is MBA bound.

All I can say, is watch out Kelly School of Business...she's a spitfire.

Friday, February 17, 2012

...and let there be.

Let there be hugging and squeezing...
Let there be home-made gifts in store...
Let there be decorating...
And let there be more home-made gifts...lots LOTS more!
Let there be treats in the making...
And let there be fine dining for the taking.
Let there be squeals...
Let there be cheers...
And let there be sweet sweet sisters, for many more years!
Let there be waltzing to see...
Let there be soft new "lovies" and a new story to read.
And it was.
All that.
And more.


Thursday, February 16, 2012

um..."smittin" we'll call it.

Picked Emma up from school today. Here is our conversation on the way home.

Emma - Mom, Cal told me that Nathan likes me.
(pause, possibly follow by a gulp...could this be? My baby is only six! In two quick seconds, I saw her daddy badgering a young boy, a mom sitting up late waiting on those last minutes of a curfew to pass, prom dresses, wedding plans - eeeEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR SLOW DOWN MOMMA - pull yourself together!!!! )

Me - uhhhhhhh......well of course, why wouldn't anyone not like you, you're so friendly and cute?!
(shew, saved on that one. tick tock tick tock. Or did I? I see a blushing young grin sitting in the backseat, reflected in my mirror.)

Emma - Well, Nathan must have told Cal he liked me because Cal told me. Seriously. Mom, I'm serious, he really did!

Me - Did you say anything back? (For the first time I am relieved I have the child that never talks to anyone and has the biggest shy bone ever.)

Emma - Wellllll, then Cal asked me if I like Nathan. I told him "kind of".

Me - Oh. Oh my. So you said kind of huh?

Emma - ya, well, because in my head I was thinking "because I really do."


ps - I was informed this was a secret and was promised not to tell anyone except Papaw and Grandma! :)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

She puts the cracker in my fire.

Asking Hope questions is something we do all day...for where there is a mystery, there is usually Hope behind it. Today's question is "Hope, where's your shirt?"
Her typical answer of "I don't know" should have been expected! Unfortunately, the batteries on my camera were dead when she was wrestling with her shirt. As I scrambled to put new batteries in, she managed to pull it off prancing around with such pride.

I turn my head for a few seconds to clean up our lunch dishes. Who knew there would be more to her freedom story. And once again, the stellar mom I am, instead of doing my long list of chores, I start snapping photos of my ridiculous firecracker of a daughter.

I can not explain the things she does....other than, they make me laugh. Really laugh. And for safety sake of the cyber world I won't post the pictures of the rest of the story, however, I am sure you can imagine. She was determined and it wasn't before long she was smiling at her birthday suit.
Nothing makes a momma laugh than a naked child full of mischief.

Monday, February 6, 2012


Enjoying the 50 degree weather this February day outside cleaning out the car while Emma colors our driveway with chalk. Emma working ever so very hard on a large heart embellished with a smiley face and a rainbow of design surrounding it. She thinks while she works. No question her wheels were cranking this time as she creates in her "own world".

After much work and silence, she comes up and says, "mom, I have a question."
....yes, Emma....
"Do dogs fall in love with other dogs like people do with each other - you know like girls and boys do."

Sometimes the best answers to her questions are, what do you think? She studied for a second and answered with a "yep."
Well then I surely think so too.

I just love that girl.
(....and our dog.)

***for the record...regarding the post earlier today: Hope decided to walk off a chair this afternoon and re-bust her lip. She got it good this time. I think we hit our quota this week and it's only Monday.


After a weekend that has yet involved another busted and bloody lip for Hope, I find these older pictures appropriate.

A new conclusion could be drawn from these images. Perhaps instead of constantly saying "Hope, get off the the table."......maybe I should try saying, "Hope, quit trying to fly!"

Busted lip or not, sure do love that busy-body. xo

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

2+2 = a much better day

See these two adorable faces?

They can make a bad day better.
But let me tell ya, add taking them threw a car wash and going to the park (in February, mind you) and you get a MUCH better day!!