Tuesday, January 10, 2012

She owns me.

Getting Emma ready for school usually gets interrupted by a few NO Hope 's in there. Usually because she is stringing Emma's shoes across the house or pulling cereal boxes out of the cabinets.

Then the usual errons. Always entail a few sit still Hope, don't touch Hope, don't throw the Cheerios Hope, quit unbuckling your belts Hope, and of course please be quiet Hope!

Today we had to be at a doctor's office for the morning, which in turn made me late picking Emma up from school. Always a fun way too start the day with constant in and out of carseats. But finally home. Three short hours until we get back in the car for Girl Scouts, which was just enough time to make cupcakes with Emma, for it was her turn to take treats. Sounds simple right?

Nope. Hope get off the table, Hope quit taking Emma's stuff, Hope get off the toybox, Hope put that back, Hope get off the table, Hope do not pull the dogs tail, Hope get off the table, Hope GET OFF THE TABLE! And did I mention she screams like a demon when you get her off the table? I'm sure the neighbors can hear her. It is loud. Very very very loud.

With Adam gone all week on travel, I finally caved after supper. OK Hope, call your dad and tell him your woes! She loves the phone. It rings, she answers...this time instant screaming, pitching a fit and crying. That girl!!! I had to pass off the phone to Emma in another room because I could not even hear Adam speak. .....nor at this point in the day could I participate in the speaking of complete sentences!

Pajama time. Ready, set, go. All is good, we are reading a story and rocking.
Lights off. Her eyes are closed.
giggle giggle.
giggle giggle giggle.

My little spitfire, the one that I was about ready to sell to the gypsies all day, snuggles up under my neck, eyes locked shut.
Silent and still. Then lets out the funniest of giggles.

Silent again. Then another giggle.

This goes on for several repetitions.

Then, one leg goes in the air - stiff knee and all. Her hand slowly finds my nose. Squeeeezzzze.
I say "honk".
She giggles so hard that I nearly wet my pants.

We rock. She snuggles and giggles herself to sleep. I sit there like putty in her hands.
She. so. owns. me.

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