Sunday, January 1, 2012

Ringing in the New Year...Hoosier Style.

It's true, I haven't posted any Christmas pictures yet. And yes, it's true, the below pictures are from football season. BUT, come on......
We think it is way more appropriate to ring in this new year with some celebratory pictures showcasing our cream and crimson!!! Our Hoosiers have beat the #1 and as of last night beat the #2 - and for my lovely friends to the east, yes the win was over your dear buckeyes!
These pictures were taken last fall at the IU/PU football game. Emma was loving every second of being a cheerleader for the Hoosiers. She didn't put the pom poms down for a second and stood cheering for over 90% of the game. The highlight of the evening was when she got to meet "a real cheerleader"! Thanks Molly!!!
Go Hoosiers!

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