Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dancing, limo rides, and sparkly shoes, OH MY!

It's the Cinderella Ball! That's right, Emma's first fancy date....and thank goodness we didn't have to screen any boys till they were shakin' in their shoes (which is what I predict the father of these two blue-eyed blonds will do in the teen-years). Emma had a very handsome date wearing a purple tie to match her purple dress - her daddy.

Emma dance studio puts on a Cinderella Ball every year just for father's and their daughters. The fathers are to teach, and show, the girls how a young man should treat a girl on a date, while having a fun evening - isn't this a fabulous idea?! Love it. And here's my beautiful Cinderella...

...and her Prince Charming....

Proud as punch, she was. The curls, the dress, the sparkly shoes, the big plastic purple ring...she was in the height of her glory. (as she should have been)
After the princess and prince arrived back home at a late 9:30, I got an ear full. There was fancy food, waltzing, raffles, and limo rides - TWO limos..."and there was a mirror on the ceiling!" She talked herself to sleep. And just as any prince should, he tucked his princess in for some sweet dreams. ...sealed with a kiss.

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