Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Christmas 2011 - Part I

So many Christmas pictures to shuffle through, so I figured to take it in steps.
Step 1; decorate the tree!
With Adam traveling and all the kitchen remodel, we were a little late in getting a tree up. Emma couldn't wait though. So the first free night she and her dad had together they took off. the rain. Not just any rain, sheets of water pouring from the sky rain! They came back drenched with a wet tree in tow. As any good dad would do, it was all up to Emma to pick it out. She went big - that's my girl!
Our traditional Angel topper never made it out this year. Emma had crafted one of her own. I love it. Made from the heart - most beautiful thing on the tree. (and yes, Hope sees yet another opportunity to climb.)

I use to have a "pretty" tree. But as anyone with kids know, all the fancy stuff goes aside and out comes hand painted ornaments and felt reindeer's. It was so fun this year with our big tree - every ornament we owned fit.....and Emma made sure to get them all on. So special to see them all. So special to share stories about them.

Once you get past all the IU and sports decor, you'll find ornaments from Adam and my childhood, then the Just Married, Baby's first, and first house ornaments. There are ornaments from travels, from Germany to Italy, and even Huber Farms.
And how about all the ornaments from people dear to our hearts....Robyn from Australia, homemade from Jonetta, Heather and Michael's wedding, and many more. I love them.
Love the stories, love the people, love reminiscing and love that my daughter is taking it all one ornament at a time.

Beautiful job family, beautiful job.

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