Saturday, December 17, 2011

Spunky Little Nut, Amaya Lynn.

See this picture below? Looks sweet and adorable, right?
Nah, for some reason I can just hear Hope saying "Oh Great and Mischievous One, please teach me your ways, so I too can drive my mom nuts all day long." And her cousin Amaya answers back with that grin, "just do what I do, just do what I say, and we will be the most ridiculous silly yet stubborn force to ever hit the Phipps extended family."
ummmm, ya, that sounds about right. - HA!

Oh Miss pretty Amaya Lynn. What can I say? You give the punk in spunk, the illy in silly and the razy in crazy! Who knew just three years ago that sweet little tiny (quiet?!) ball of baby we held at Christmas would become the spotlight of drama at family gatherings that keeps us all in stitches.

Last March I was blessed to spend an evening with just Hope and Amaya. Once Hope went to sleep the party started, let me tell ya! We jumped on mattresses till we couldn't catch out breath, danced until the moon was hung, painted nails, did hair (aka "put on the biggest bows you can find"), tried to feed Hank our make believe soup - he declined, and drank chocolate milk late into the evening with of course four straws.....because at Aunt Jill's house everything is four times as better! What an evening we had!Today (a day late), I say HapPy hAppY HaPpy Birthday to Miss Amaya Lynn. We love you so very much...even if you do someday teach Hope all your mischievous tricks! MWAH!

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