Thursday, November 17, 2011

Kitchen and Laundry - Part 2

Good-bye Mr. In the Way Pantry...
Hello Mrs. Way Too Cool and Big Coat/Shoe Lockers....(ya, the prefix of Mr. and Mrs. on those last pics is definitely a slight indication as to the designer of the space - HA!)

You all know my husband....trying to save a penny on the labor cost. My poor poor kids. ;)
And as for the rest of the house...looking a little better. Camping out has never been so fun. And let me tell you there ain't nothin' you can't cook in the microwave or on a George Foreman. On a side note - while typing this, I hear the dog growling and Hope laughing (never a good combo). Across the room I see her dead lock grip on Hank's tail. I couldn't move fast enough across the room to grab her, because clearly she wasn't letting go by my screaming "NO HOPE!" Fearful the dog would bite her as he was scrambling to get away and turning his head near this nuisance on his tail, I see him drag Hope down. She still has grip on the tail and is laughing hysterically. I pry her fingers off, scold her, and the dog hides. She laughs. and laughs. and laughs more.
I. am. in. trouble.

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