Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Kitchen and Laundry - Part 1

The time has come...time to say good bye to the ridiculously nasty painted counter tops and dark crowded laundry room. This very well could be the most visual pleasing moment yet in this house! 9:00 am sharp yesterday morning, the appliances, cabinets, washer and dryer have found their temporary home in the garage. The "plastic zipper" has been hung!
My new window in the laundry room. I can already smell the fresh air and had to squint my eyes the sun was shining in so bright. :)Best the kitchen has looked since we've moved in...The green "rag-painted" counter tops...right where they belong. Shoot, even Hank apparently thought they were hideous, for they weren't even good enough for him to mark his territory on!
And there sits a pile of the tile floor that was often confused with the concrete laid in a garage. Beautiful.My job for the past week was to prepare the rest of the house for our two week camp out adventure. We had several boxes given to us for me to pack up the kitchen and keep things "Hope-proof". Well, a series of unexpected events, Adam on travel, some added stress and a case of bronchitis sort of put me a little behind. Soooo this is what we got.....Look like fun? Absolutely!So long green kitchen, you will always be remembered - NOT!
(Seriously, did I just say NOT like I was a teenager from 1990? Yep, I'm just that giddy excited over the whole darn thing.)

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  1. I love home makeovers!!! Can't wait to see the end result.