Monday, November 21, 2011

Hope - Chapter 2

A little more "visual-description" of Hope was revealed a few nights ago. With all the boxes and current makeshift kitchen living room design we've got going on, Hope has discovered there are lots of corners and hiding places. When Emma was little, a disappearing act never worried me, for I could usually find her near....sitting, reading a book or playing with a quiet harmless toy.
Not Hope. She disappears and I worry that she has climbed up kitchen counters to find the toaster while planning to toast up something like her sister's shoes. Until last night...look what I found....Isn't she cute? You can imagine my excitement to find her quietly reading a book to her babies! It was a little glimpse back in if I was looking at a little Emma sitting there. She sat there so quiet and sweet for a good 5 minutes. Then...then...I turn around and find this. (Warning: the next few pictures are a bit violent and parental supervision is recommended. wink wink.)
Yep. Too good to be true. Hope's true colors began to shine through as she intensely (and a bit creepily) tried to saw her baby into bite size pieces. Pretty determined, she sat there another good 5 minutes working at it. Disturbing - yes. Am I worried - nope. ....that's just my little Hope.

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