Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The first good snow of the season.

...yes Hope, the snow is outside this window too.....
To see the "awe" in Hope's eyes of the white covered world she saw, was enough for me to even enjoy the snow. (for a couple seconds at least - wink wink)

Kitchen and Laundry - Part 3, 4, 5....

Isn't it looking great? What more could you want in your kitchen than murals created by your kids, right?! :) And this my friends was how we spent Thanksgiving 2011.

The new floor was laid on the day before Thanksgiving and cabinets to come the day after, that left the painters (aka, Phipps' Family Paint Co.) to do their magic on Turkey day itself. To get the day rolling you see the below picture. Do not be alarmed, nor is just the youngest of the Phipps' crew - dressed by her father.
Check out these artist at work!
Yes, the stellar mom I am, I clearly have no boundaries for my children walking around construction sites with long objects in their mouths. Oh ya, and snot pouring out their nose.
Can you tell what movie we just saw?

And then came the yellow, followed by cabinets...
...and more cabinets...
....and more cabinets....
-to be continued. -

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Everything you hear about playing with a box.....

(Apparently my "other child" was a bit jealous. He nonchalantly placed himself smack-dab inbetween the camera and the girls...all the while looking the other way as if he was blowing me off. Don't underestimate the attitude of a dog, I tell ya.)Oh ya, aren't matching pajamas just the icing on the cake? Gosh, I'm one spoiled momma.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Hope - Chapter 2

A little more "visual-description" of Hope was revealed a few nights ago. With all the boxes and current makeshift kitchen living room design we've got going on, Hope has discovered there are lots of corners and hiding places. When Emma was little, a disappearing act never worried me, for I could usually find her near....sitting, reading a book or playing with a quiet harmless toy.
Not Hope. She disappears and I worry that she has climbed up kitchen counters to find the toaster while planning to toast up something like her sister's shoes. Until last night...look what I found....Isn't she cute? You can imagine my excitement to find her quietly reading a book to her babies! It was a little glimpse back in if I was looking at a little Emma sitting there. She sat there so quiet and sweet for a good 5 minutes. Then...then...I turn around and find this. (Warning: the next few pictures are a bit violent and parental supervision is recommended. wink wink.)
Yep. Too good to be true. Hope's true colors began to shine through as she intensely (and a bit creepily) tried to saw her baby into bite size pieces. Pretty determined, she sat there another good 5 minutes working at it. Disturbing - yes. Am I worried - nope. ....that's just my little Hope.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Sidewalk chalk explains it all.

When God throws you a little Indian Summer in November, you take it! And take it we enjoying some good 'ol fashion fun with sidewalk chalk. Heavenly. Couldn't think of a better way to spend my afternoon.
As I soak up every minute of these moments, there is something my camera finds. The images I start to capture begin to tell a story.
A story of a beautiful blond sweetheart. Her name is Emma Lillie. She was born with such a gentle spirit which she still showcases in her sweet, innocent, day to day actions. She has a gift of design. She enjoys sitting, drawing, creating. Quietly she concentrates on every single stroke of the chalk. A thinker. An artist.
The story continues with another beautiful blond. Her name is Hope Kaylynn. She looks likes the other blond, both sharing the same sparkling blue eyes and wispy hair. However with her there is no sitting. There is no quiet. She's up and moving. She has a spirit about her, a spirit that is free and far from calm. Busy. Curious. Very very busy and curious.

Who knew an afternoon with sidewalk chalk could explain so much. Two girls sharing the same genes...sharing the same blue eyes, blond hair, dimples and grin. Personalities different as different could be. No doubt in my mind that for anyone who may not know my girls personally, can easily grip what life is like with each of them just by the following picture.

What a beautiful beautiful day. It never seizes to amaze me the joy having daughters brings to my life. Not every minute of every day is a basket of roses, but the moments when it is....are-freakin'-awesome.

To my little artist and little curious George,
I love you to the moon and back...and back...and back....and back again. xoThis story proudly brought to by: