Friday, October 28, 2011

Theater + Chocolate = One awesome evening.

Even though Emma's birthday was over a month ago, she has been long awaiting her birthday present from her to the theater. The day finally arrived a couple Saturdays ago when Beauty and the Beast came to town.

Emma loves the theater, loves dates with Dad (and this time Mom too!), and loves getting dressed up. She was crazy excited to see one of her favorite Disney Princesses "alive". After much anticipation, prepping and pampering, our princess was ready to redeem that birthday present.

While the three of us were at the Theater, Aunt Amanda came up to play with Hope and chase her around. We thought that was deserving enough for a trip to the Melting Pot for some mouth watering dessert. So after an outstanding performance at the theater, we fancied ourselves back home to swoop up Hope and her Aunt. (And change into some more comfortable clothing!)
Emma so excited for her first night out of Fondue...she practically poked her aunt's eyes out with her "little poker things". Did we mention that Aunt Amanda's birthday is just around the corner? Yep, sure is - so lets celebrate both girls!

So have to admit, every once in awhile 'ol Daddy-o can come up with a few good ones for his girls...the theater, the chocolate, and even let Emma pick out his purple tie to wear. What a sweet daddy.
Tonight however, game seven of the World Series. Guess a guy has gotta have a little boyish fun every once in awhile.

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