Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My little artist #2.

Who knew Hope's true artistic talents would come out when all we needed to do was leave the bathroom door open. See the genius at work as she darts out of the bathroom thinking no one notices...
And here it is. What one would quickly call a mess, pick it up, and throw it away....my six year old says, "Mom look what Hope made! See the man with big arms catching something falling from the sky?" Why yes Emma, I certainly do. (Sculpture artist, Hope sits in corner, humbly taking the praise of her great works.)
But wait....is there yet another artist in the house? 10 minutes later, our beloved beagle, Hank, runs through the masterpiece to create a work of his own! We will call this one, Man reaching out for Duck with long wing.
Don't you just love the world Emma and I live in? All I can say is....come on in Hope, come on in.

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