Saturday, October 15, 2011

Let's catch up.

See that beauty? In the midst of the computer breakdown, she celebrated her 6th birthday. I know...six? really? yep.
So here we have it - catching up by looking back at September 14th....
Every birthday should start out with presents! And so it did - some Fancy Nancy books from mom and dad, and... da.. da.. da.. daaaaaaa...Barbie Jet from little sister Hope. (Amazing how that little pipsqueak carried that thing, huh?) And seriously, what kind of world does Barbie live in where her personal jet has a chandelier, revolving drink station and a pool off that back wing equip with slide? Ahhhhh, if only we could all be like Barbie.
And what did we learn as parents this lovely birthday morn? "Do not let child open present until after school unless you want to nag 1,583 times for them to put it down and go get ready for the bus!"
Once at school, the birthday gal was in for another treat....not your ordinary treat though. So happens the kid with the peanut allergy in her class has transformed the environment into a "no edible zone". So instead of cookies or what not, the alternative is for the mom or dad to come into class and read the birthday child's favorite story. Ya, I know what you all are thinking..."awww, isn't that sweet." Nope. I find cupcakes MUCH sweeter! :)

So after school and a quick lunch, it was off to town for a birthday surprise. A date with our favorite Emma L. and even better a date at the cupcake shop! Hope and I had slipped in to decorate a table up just for the birthday gal and her buddy so they could celebrate fancy.

Emma L. had picked out the perfect gift for Emma P. To go along with a Strawberry theme, she got her one of the Strawberry Shortcake dolls. Plum was her name...and she was purple AND came with a skirt to draw on...perfect, absolutely perfect Emma L! MWAH!

And let's not forget my buddy Carter. Poor Carter spends his time hanging out with these girls and most of the time saturated in their pinkness. So we made sure there was some Spiderman to go with that Strawberry Shortcake!
And there are the two Emma's. So pretty and so sweet!

Once the weekend rolled around, the birthday celebration continued with cousins, grandparents, aunts and uncles.

And there you have it. Number six in a nutshell. So glad the computer and camera started working before number seven rolled around.
Happy Birthday Emma Lillie - you get more beautiful every birthday. xo

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