Wednesday, October 26, 2011

For Ma.

October 16th, Indianapolis hosted their annual Walk to stop Alzheimer's. Our beautiful Ma (Great Ma to Emma) is currently a victim of the unfortunate disease. Since last Christmas, the quick decline of her health has effected the whole family. In her honor, team Lillpop was formed and participated in a three mile walk to help raise funds and awareness to help find a cure, or better yet a prevention, for this disease. Each walker was given a flower - yellow symbolized the loved one you know still their own beautiful world.

We love you Great Ma!
Team Lillpop
Some pre-walk fun...
Every party has a pooper....and here is ours, literally. ;)
Face paint for the kiddos...

Let the walk begin! On a side note...just a few disturbing things going on in this next picture. If the obvious isn't apparent to you, you probably should see a doctor.
The celebratory finish! We did it!Post-walk victory dances!
...he always has been our little monkey, and still is!
This week Ma turned 83. What a fantastic life...four kids, nine grandkids, 10 great grandkids, and one extraordinary husband - we love you too Pa.
Ma and Pa have been married an impressive 63 years, and still counting. When I entered the Phipps family and met Adam's grandparents, it was more than evident the ridiculous love they share for each other. Pa would say, "oh Martha" then Ma would show her contagious smile and reply, "well, James..." And of course James always gave her that head shake back, yet accompanied with a smile.

With Alzheimer's, one's memory become null. However, I would like to believe that the grandest of memories aren't erased from the soul. Don't you think all the beautiful things Ma isn't able to recall today - from weddings, graduations, holidays, and grandkids birthdays - still reside deep in her soul? I sure do. And there will be a day when souls will rejoice. Oh ya, you betcha.

A fantastic life....more than is beautiful. Happy birthday Ma, happy- happy- birthday.

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