Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Slowly getting back...

So now that the computer is "fixed" and back from the shop, it will no longer download pictures from my camera. And most of you know, I tend to take a few pictures now and then!
So until we are working again....here is a funny for ya....
Driving Emma home from Kindergarten today, and she very excitedly shares with me that they wrote about their Grandpa (Papaw) in their journal. According to her, there was a sentence on the board and they were to copy it..."My Grandpa is________." And to fill in the blank, they had three choices: funny, handsome, or the best. Here was our conversation...
Me: What did you pick to finish the sentence?
Emma (proudly): Handsome!
Me: Awwww, is that because he looks just like your daddy and daddy is handsome?
Emma (curling up her nose at me like I was weird): No, I just had to pick something, and fast.
So there you have it Papaw. When in a hurry, you ARE the handsome one indeed!(This picture is from a year ago at the State Fair - a favorite of the dynamic duo.)

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