Monday, September 12, 2011


As if the events of 9/11 are not overwhelming enough to think about, thinking about the past ten years is astonishing as well.
My heart pours every image of that day. I knew no one from any of the tragedies, however when I see and hear the stories my heart sinks as if they were my closest of family.

Saturday was our town's fall festival. Outstanding parade. Of course, it was dedicated to the remembrance of 9/11. After the fire trucks, policemen, and ambulances cleared the street to began the parade, the crowd grew quiet. Very quiet.

A large American flag carried by a dozen volunteers, made it way down the parade route. For a moment it was if time stood still. No noise, no laughing children, no care about catching candy.

I look down at my 5 year old. There she stood beside her best buddy, Emma L. Both girls, eyes fixed on the flag with their right hands over their hearts. Beautiful.

As the flag marched past, the gentleman holding the last corner of the flag, leaned over and whispered "thank you" to the two girls.

Two girls, honoring something that is so huge they can't glimpse the impact of. But yet what they do understand is...well...I can't even find a word to best describe it.
So proud of those girls.
So proud of my country.

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